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q3dfit is custom software for scientific analysis of integral field unit (IFU) spectroscopy of quasars and their host galaxies, specifically aimed at producing science-ready measurements from James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) IFU spectrographs. q3dfit takes advantage of the spectral differences between quasars and their host galaxies for maximal-contrast subtraction of the quasar point-spread function (PSF) to reveal and characterize the faint extended emission of the host galaxy. Host galaxy emission is carefully fit with a combination of stellar continuum, emission and absorption of dust and ices, and ionic and molecular emission lines.

q3dfit has been tested on ground-based data where PSF is weakly wavelength-dependent. The update of q3dfit to the case of the strongly wavelength-dependent JWST PSF is currently in development.

q3dfit developers are: * David Rupke (Rhodes College, software lead) * Dominika Wylezalek (University of Heidelberg, PI) * Nadia Zakamska (Johns Hopkins University, CoPI) * Sylvain Veilleux (University of Maryland College Park, CoPI) * Andrey Vayner (Johns Hopkins University, primary developer) * Caroline Bertemes (Heidelberg, primary developer) * Yuzo Ishikawa (Johns Hopkins University, contributor) * Weizhe Liu (University of Maryland College Park, contributor) * Carlos Anicetti (Johns Hopkins University, contributor) * Lillian Whitesell (Rhodes College, contributor) * Grace Lim (Rhodes College, contributor)


This software has not yet been officially released. You are viewing pre-release test documentation and content in active development. We are not yet able to provide user support. If you find a bug or have a feature request, please submit an issue.

Our papers describing q3dfit and all its functionalities are currently in preparation and the links will be posted here. If you use this package before these papers are published, kindly cite the following references:

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The software is being developed in part as a contribution to the JWST Early Release Science program Imaging Spectroscopy of Quasar Hosts with JWST analyzed with a powerful new PSF Decomposition and Spectral Analysis Package. The website for the project is available here. We acknowledge funding provided by NASA through a contract issued by Space Telescope Science Institute for support of Early Release Science observations with JWST and in-kind contributions by leading and contributing members at the University of Heidelberg, Rhodes College, Johns Hopkins University, and University of Maryland College Park.

license GNU GPL v.3.0